What Are the Main Types of Industrial Furnace and Where to Buy It?

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What is an Industrial furnace?

It is primarily one of the heating machines. They are often called “direct heaters”. You will come across them in work plants where they are used for heating something at more than 400 celsius. 

Industrial Furnace can come in a wide range of varieties. They are different on the basis of a few key factors. These factors are applications, heating medium and the range of the temperature. 

Types of Industrial Furnace

Although there are several types of furnaces, the most common ones are stated below:

  • Electric furnace: These furnaces can be seen in the most familiar places. These places can be households or industries etc. People generally use it as an alternative for natural gas lines. Electric furnaces provide electric elements to provide heat. 

Another thing that makes it preferable is its cost. They aren’t highly expensive or costly. They also fit in most random spaces and are very durable. They can suit most of the scenarios comparatively. 

  • Gas furnace: This is the most widely used furnace of all. Generally used in households, it has a connection through a pipeline. They are extremely cheap and efficient. 
  • Oil furnace: These furnaces are mostly used as a replacement for other furnaces. In the absence of natural gas, fuel-based furnaces are used. These fuels are oils in the oil furnaces.    
  • Modulating furnace: The most expensive of all the furnaces are modulating furnaces. What makes it unique is the adjustment of the amount of gas. This is done to get to the level of the thermostat’s temperature smoothly. This makes it specific and accurate. Its top benefits include the avoidance of wastage of energy. Whereas the only con includes the providence of heat with less power. 

Several industrial furnace manufacturers in India also manufacture other kinds of furnaces. This includes an ashing furnace, sintering furnace, calcination furnace, rotary tube furnace etc. 

Where can you find the best quality industrial furnace suppliers in India?

Selecting the best brand of several brands requires knowledge and thorough research. You have to go through each and every detail in order to find the significant quality. Generally, this contains a list comprising the past achievements, experiences and testimonials of the brand. According to that, “Maharith thermal private limited” stands as the most prominent one today. 

It has an impressive list of clients and awards. The second impressive fact is that the company offers various types of furnaces. It is located in Poonamallee, Chennai. The brand is extremely particular and therefore provides the best results. It humbly aims to keep serving its clients excellently.

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Maharith Thermal Private Limited

Maharith Thermal Pvt Ltd is known for its expertise in Industrial heater and Industrial Oven manufacturing. We fabricate high grade and energy efficient furnaces to meet research and industrial requirements.