What is a continuous oven, and how does it work?

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Continuous ovens or Conveyor ovens are generally used for mass production whose operation can be easily done at variable speeds. Such ranges constitute an exhaust hood, cooling zone as well as multiple heat zones. Such industrial ovens serve the purpose of preheating, annealing, forming, curing, stress relieving as well as bonding.

Due to high demand, there have been continuous oven manufacturers in India.  The incorporation of conveyor belt configuration can be done easily into an assembly line. Overhead Conveyor Oven constitutes high production volume which offers automation as well as flexibility.

The food continuously moves on a mesh conveyor in a continuous oven through several zones where your food might be subjected to various flows of steam and air velocities for maintaining the humidity at your preferred level.

How does a continuous oven work?

The working of an industrial oven depends a lot on the kind of fuel used to heat the oven. It can be electricity, hot water, ultraviolet light, direct and indirect gas, as well as steam.

The second most important factor is the pattern of industrial Overhead Conveyor Oven, which is as follows:-

  • Horizontal: For the loading of the products on hung or shelves
  • Horizontal/Vertical: When air is returned via ceiling ducts
  • Vertical/Horizontal: The supply of the air originates from the ceiling and departs via ducts present on the walls
  • Vertical/Top Down or Bottom Up: Either part are usually hung or on perforated shelves. The flow of the air is from the ducts to the return supply.

The airflow should move with limited obstructions with a constant rate for maintenance of a uniform oven temperature. According to the NFPA or National Fire Protection Association, the industrial oven is divided into two classes as A and B.

The ovens of class B avoid the processing of volatile materials or solvents. The ovens of class A are free to process both solvents and volatile materials.


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