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Bogie Hearth Furnace, Maharith

Tempering, annealing, soft annealing, normalizing, stress relieving, homogenising, and other processes and applications are carried out in bogie furnaces. Our typical bogie hearth furnace can reach temperatures of 1500°C, but we can also create custom-designed furnaces to meet your specific needs.

Principles of Bogie Hearth Furnace

The bogie is loaded outside the furnace with a forklift or overhead crane before entering the furnace. The load is normally cooled inside the furnace before the operator moves the bogie out, but with a special design, the furnace can be opened and the load removed while the furnace is still hot and in operation for cooling or quenching. 

Although the term “heat treatment” refers to techniques that involve heating and cooling with the specific goal of modifying features, heating and cooling are commonly a consequence of other industrial operations like hot shaping or welding. We are one of leading bogie hearth furnaces manufacturers in India, which are available in a variety of designs.

Manual door that can be left or right-hung permanently fastened on the end of the bogie hatch or door that opens vertically or slides horizontally.

Let’s have a look at some of the instrumentation settings we use

  • Temperature recorder
  • PLC
  • HMI thyristor

Depending on the production cycle, the control system offers options for setting and controlling the ramping rate, soaking rate, and cooling rate, as well as PLC-based control. Depending on the application, our Bogie furnace is employed in both an open and a controlled environment. 

For an assembly line or process line, designs typically include in and out bogie (hearth) movement, as well as in and through double door bogie movement. In our furnace, we use a variety of heating elements, including the following:

  • Nichrome wire
  • Silicon carbide rod
  • Special alloy resistance heating wire

Sintering, hardening, annealing, and normalizing are high-temperature applications, while tempering and stress relief are low-temperature applications. often referred to as an industrial furnace.


All of our furnaces come with full paperwork and a CE – certificate that complies with the LVD, EMC, and machinery directives. So don’t think much and grab your phone and contact us to get the furnace. We are Maharith Thermal and we have a reputation as leading bogie hearth furnace exporters in India.

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