Gas Nitriding Furnace – What Is It and Different Types

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Nitride hardening is considered to be a process which plays a vital role in the production of a huge range of products, including medical devices, power generation, aircraft parts etc. This is where the role of a Gas Nitriding Furnace  comes into play.  

Nitriding furnaces are specialized types of heat treat furnaces that are built specifically to facilitate the nitriding process. These ovens subject the parts to active nitrogen at temperatures under control to harden the metal, which results in products that are durable, resistant to wear, have a high fatigue strength, and have a long service life.

Different Types of Nitriding Furnace

Pit Furnaces:

This category of heater offered by Gas Nitriding Furnace Suppliers In India features a cover that opens up to reveal a door that can be utilized with an overhead crane to move loads of work in baskets or loaded fixtures into and out of the unit. Sometimes, to achieve higher throughput, a system will include two detachable retorts as well as two cooling stands.

Because of the way this configuration is set up, it is possible to unload and load one chamber while the other retort is being heated in the pit furnace.

Bell Furnaces:

A stationary base, a heating bell, a cooling bell, and a retort are the standard components found in furnaces of this type. The furnace might have two bases and retorts if that’s what it takes to get more work done. One of the benefits of utilizing a system of this kind is that it does not normally call for the construction of a pit. However, in comparison to a pit furnace, it requires a ceiling height that is quite a bit higher.

Box Furnaces:

This type of furnace is intended for horizontal loading and unloading and can have either a side-swinging door or a vertical lift door installed at its entrance. The chain guides of the workload supports are similar to those found in lines for internal-quench furnaces if they are a line component that also includes a powered load-transfer cart. If the furnace is freestanding, it may be equipped with alloy skid rails that enable the use of a forklift to move loads into and out of the chamber.

Integral-Quench Furnaces:

Controlled nitriding and nitrocarburizing can be accomplished with either an in/out or a straight-through type of reactor (ferritic or austenitic). During load transfer, the flow of gas needs to be carefully controlled so that there is no introduction of air into the system.

Open-Hearth Furnaces:

This type of furnace has a base that is fixed in place and a top that can tilt. to move loads into and out of the furnace, a forklift truck may be utilized. Alternatively, one may employ manipulators such as the one shown in Figure 3, which may be utilized.


There are many different kinds of Gas Nitriding furnaces in the market today such as pit furnaces, bell furnaces, box furnaces, and tip-up furnaces. To produce consistent outcomes, it is essential to incorporate a system of forced circulation into the design of the facility even if a particular kind of apparatus is prioritized.

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